For I Bring Life Project: Week 2.

It’s monsoon season here, he said. Refreshing, they both thought at exact same moment though they would never know this serendipitous synchronization of minds ever have happened. Cool breeze occasionally blew over where they stood waiting. She was drenched in emerald colored rain drops. He looked at her radiating heat and life through her rain soaked skin. He looked at her in silence, listening to the downpour droplets falling on the faces of leaves, the blades of tall grasses and then the ground they stood on. Her body heat carried the air around her upwards, along with warm floral scent like her namesake. Mesmerizing. He closed his eyes in trance and for a brief moment he saw something so beautiful and blinding like a fleeting dream. Was it a flower garden in his homeland? He inhaled deeply to bask every seconds that were allowed to him. He couldn’t remember what it was as soon as his eyes opened. Instead his awoken eyes met hers, standing next to him fragrant and so alive. He threw his leather jacket over her head. Let’s make run for it, he said, let’s get out of here.

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